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Cool tips and tricks to play on mobile

Want to know the coolest and best ways to play mobile. If yes, then give the post a good read. You will find some of the latest ways to play Slitherio and how you can master the game in no time. So go ahead and read up. You will love it, we promise.

Get on a hunt

Now here is where the whole fun will start. When the snake begins to grow on mobile game, you have to use speed boost and but at the same time go on a hunt directly. Some of you must have noticed that the game could be somewhat slow depending on the area that you tap into. You may use that to your advantage by riding with the other snakes and use the boost to overtake that. If you can do that fast, nothing can stop you from winning.

Does big mean unstoppable? mobile simple image mobile simple image

Of course not! Just because you have become big, in no way does that mean that you have also become indestructible. There are going to be several players who will search for ways in which they can slip you up. So you have to be on your best at all times. You also have to be super careful of the snakes that are trying to trip you on mobile. When they are tiny, they have a lot more maneuverability around the head of the snake. mobile

Vulture times

You should also try your best to watch out for snakes that get into brawls and stay close enough to reap those rewards of the carriage. If you can use that strategy, you will never have to work too hard on mobile. All you have to do is watch out for the players who can see you working out the strategy.


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