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How to act defensive while playing the game

Be it a beginner or a professional, each and everybody aspire to play in the best way possible the game Playing the defensive mode is always advisable. Learn the right defensive tactics to play the game

It is genuine you can be super forceful amid lag, however there are some ways specifically you have to avoid any unnecessary risk keeping in mind the end goal to survive. Mod Install GuideTry not to boost towards groups of snakes unless you need to

This one is particularly most important while you are playing the game mod in a defensive manner.  It typically fine to support toward gigantic measures of crisply blasted snake particles, yet once you see another snake in there try to move ahead of schedule (to compensate for the lag) and quit boosting in case you’re uncertain you’ll be protected.

Try not to boost on the off chance that you don’t feel safe  

Just to repeat, boosting is super risky when it’s laggy in mod and it’s likely the way most snakes die at that time. There are times when you need to support straight away to be sheltered (when a bundle of smaller snakes are sticking around your face) and you totally need to boost towards particles for a free meal, however remember the risk element before proceeding with it. Hack

Once you’re at 4000+ sizes, don’t simply go Mod Install Guide

This advice applies both regularly and when the lag is so awful you need to stop, however it’s particularly pertinent amid lag in mod. Make certain to turn circle occasionally to give yourself some place safe, as specified some time recently. What’s more, amid times of great lag, simply swerve around in the same zone until it eases up. Security first!

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