slither io mod plus Mod Plus

Hi dear players in this paper, we give you top-rated mod plugin is the plugin this plugin will publish plus. Pretty much used with this plugin will meet all your needs, continue to follow us 😉

Make sure you disable any other extension first! mod plus is a extension that adds a little Exitement to the game. This involves newly added controls & More buttons to press = More fun

* Install Tampermonkey
Google Chrome

Opera Browser

Safari Browser

* Install JS addons Mod Plus Download




  1. snakes are invisable why? this is bugged can u fix it please

  2. how to get all mods

  3. how do you telaport

  4. llBasketball_savagell

    snakes are invisible why???

  5. ölümsüz olmak istiyorumm

  6. How do I install the JPS Add on?

    Were do I install it?

  7. I’m trying to find the mod that MasterOV uses. I’m not sure if he uses this mod or not. So I was wondering if someone could tell me which mod he uses or if he uses this mod. Thanks!

  8. merci mod plus

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