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Hi, mod server in this article to share a brand new mod plugin. The add-in, you will be able to chat with friends online through our new plugin update and all errors are fixed. A simple and quick game to play the most beautiful we continue to improve for you mod plug-ins. Please continue to follow us, be aware of. Mod Details:

  • – Use your mouse to zoom in and zoom out
  • – You know your current position.
  • – Track your FPS with the FPS counter
  • – Track the IP of your friends’ server with your current server’s IP address.
  • – Connect to your friends’ IP and play together.
  • – Owning a low-end system? No worries. The plain background makes it compatible with – any system.
  • – Glow also lessened to support low end systems.
  • – Choose your own graphic mode compatible with your system.
  • – Play with friends (direct connect to the servers)
  • – Saving nick and settings.
  • – Selecting a Server.
  • – Toogle Snake Skin Rotator New!
  • – Background Changer New!
  • – Respawn [ESC] New!
  • – Live Update! New!
  • – Toggle HUD – [TAB] New!
  • – New UI
  • – All permission, bugs and issues fixed! mod sgp download mod sgp download

* Install Tampermonkey

Google Chrome Opera Browser Safari Browser


STEP 2 Mod Install


  1. this adds only skins

    annoying chat box

    injects google analytics twice




  2. i like that game

  3. youngmoneymoder

    I like mod on

  4. I like the new skins and want them

  5. Ilike mod

  6. love

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