Slither io Theme Mods Mod Updated v1.13

We present to you the new and updated Slither io Mod Slitio by Szymy. Their are many updated features to help you enjoy the game more and also reduce the lag.




  • Zoom in and out using your mouses scroll
  • Tells you your current position
  • Track your FPS at all times with a FPS Counter
  • IP address bar to know your IP Address at all times
  • Plain background to help low-end computers to not lag as much
  • Glow on the orbs and snake is to help low-end computers to run better without lag and frame drops
  • You are able to choose your own compatible graphics options – so you don’t lag just as much.
  • Directly connect to servers so you can play on the same server as your friend
  • Saving your snake skin and nickname settings.

The mod has many many more features that you will see and is totally worth the download, so if you are a Gamer go download this and watch yourself get into the top 10 without any problems. Mod Download the Mod by Szymy

Install TamperMonkey

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  1. Ghengstarul Boy 1

    Este un joc super tare.

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