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Luck Factors of Slitherio and nicknames

Growing big in Slitherio is not easy. You can have the coolest nicknames and the best strategy but if you don’t have luck, nothing can be done about it. But we can definitely help you a little. Keep reading to find out more!

Spawning NicknamesIf you happen to spawn in some populated area near snakes that are much big, you will end up with a few snake jaws on some of the particles sooner and with little effort too. With my experience, I have had a couple of spawns which are on top of recently killed as well as the big snakes that have shot upto five thousand that too within the first few seconds where I have had a couple of minutes because there was not action near the spawn. But if we speak of nicknames, my one was always a cool one. LOL

The aggressiveness of players

You cant tell how aggressive the snakes can get regardless of whether they are tiny or big. If you are stuck among aggressive snakes, you will have to play it cool and it would be the best to get out of the areas soon. Some of the players are aggressive and happen to be the best ignored and wandered from. The nicknames however have no use here. nicknames

Large death of snakes

Several players with different nicknames will recommend staying near the huge snakes that will clean it up and become a solid advice piece. You never know what you may come across. However it is important to stay near the other snakes but not the ones that are aggressive. If you are trailing a bigger snake, stay away from the head. Please continue to follow us and stay informed of the latest news plugin.

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