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Is not working for you? Use some tips here to get rid of all major issues

At times when we play, we are unable to get hold of the game itself because of some virus that has infected our game. The not working problem is quite common although we can solve that in a smart and easy way. Take a look at this post for more help.

Use the low quality mode

When you start using the low quality mode, you tend to reduce the quality of the textures in Especially in case you have that game running in an older PC of yours, it could reduce the quality just a little bit. You could also find the model on the home screen which is found in the top right section. That will solve all your ‘ not working’ problems.

Try playing on some other browser if possible

You should try to play on some other kind of browser. We have all tested the game in different kinds of browsers and ran it with the Chrome browser which is in Google. If you have been playing Slitherio on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or maybe even Microsoft Edge, we would request you to use Google Chrome instead. That would solve the not working problem for sure. Not Working now working lag fixed
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Incognito mode works best when you try it online

Another tip and trick that works wonderfully in all cases is playing slitherio in the incognito. When you play in that mode of the browser, you will be able to play it at ease and no problem will be faced whatsoever. At times the game speed of the browser is infected negatively. You can solve that by playing on the incognito mode. That will definitely prevent the not working issue from occurring.

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