Slither io zoom mode
Slither io zoom mode Plus Mod v4.0

The new version of the add-in plus mod v4.0 Setup and source codes in this article, we’ll share with you. The most beautiful mod and hack, continue to follow us for plugins. game is quite popular in recent times has become a game played online by the person of all ages an enjoyable game. plus mode, adding more color to the game with your game you can play on a different level. You guys are we developed constantly to mod plugins you know play the games with your friends together with the group. Google Chrome Extension if you download the plug-ins in our different modes and game types and you can play the game. plus mod download plus mod download

Some of the features in plus mod plugin that we talk about, zoom, you can get away with the plugin you get close to the in-game space hack. You can watch the fluidity of the game with the FPS counter. Also you can chat with the ChatBox system. Please continue to follow us;) Plus Mod Details:

  • Zoom in , zoom out with Mouse
  • Current Map X/Y Position
  • FPS Counter
  • Play with your friends server list
  • Background Changer
  • Glow Reducer
  • Graphic Mode Selecter (High/Medium/Low)
  • Create Your Party System
  • Clan Tags System
  • Connected Server System
  • Shortcuts System
  • Chatbox system
  • [TAB] Toggle Hud
  • [E] Previous Skin
  • [R] Next skin
  • [1-6] Keys other features Plus Mod Install


  1. this is not a user script

    how to install firefox?

  2. firefox zoom slowly resets itself to default

  3. wow that is some annoying sh|t

  4. zoom unsets itself. constant must zoom in

  5. serveris damateba minda

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