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Slither io Release Date

What is the new slither io release date?

Slither io is a famous game that is popularly played by players all over the world. Players are expectantly waiting for the slither io release date. Slither io game would be released in the 25th March in America and Europe.

 The slither io release date

The slither io game is one of the best games that is popularly played by game lovers all over the world. It is a multiplayer browser game which has been developed by Steve Howse in 2016.The game resembles the agar io game where you are s snake who has to grow larger in size by eating smaller snakes.  The initial slither io release date has been slated for 2016 release

The different slither io release dates

There are various slither io release dates as per different countries. The slither io release date for North America and Europe was on 25th March 2016 for iOs devices. Slither io can also be played in desktop as well as android phones.

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What is the slither io game?

Slither io is a multiplayer browser game where you would have to maneuver a snake and make it grow in size by eating up all the smaller snakes you can grow in size by using various kinds of cheat codes and hack codes. You can also become invisible, zoom in and zoom out to fool your opponents. You can gradually increase in size and eat up all the other snakes and then win the game smoothly. Players who are slither io lovers waited eagerly for the slither io release date all across the world and now that it has released, slither io has become one of the most popular and well played games all across the world and is more loved than agar io.

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