slitherio join friends to game
slitherio join friends to game

Slither.Io Review

In this review we are going to take a look at the new game produced by Thorntree Studios which is called advantage of the game is that it can be played for free and besides this ,it is a flash based browser game.

The gamers who owned back in the 1990’s a Nokia phone will for sure remember the old snake game that is very similar to the players who liked that game will also like this recent version.

The concept of is very simple like the older game but the difference is that it features modern graphics and can be played online with multiplayers.The mouse is the controller of the game which will put in direction the snake wherever the player wants the snake to move.Being able to compete with other players is the other fun of the game.Your opponents are real players.The game includes a Leaderboard section that shows details about daily scores and the top list.Using the skin editor will allow the player to change the colour of the snake.Sharing the scores on the social media like Facebook or Twitter will reward the player to have more skins to unlock.


The controls of the game are very simple and work well while the players have to hunt the furages of the opponents through the stunning visuals.The gamers who love to access this kind of web browser games will become huge fans of the

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