slitherio game play guide
slitherio game play guide, skin and the tricks of the game

The skin and the tricks of the game are one of the most searched subjects among the fans of the game.The which is recently a popular game on the internet and how to play it is written in this article.The game has drawn a great interest among the players since the first day it came out.The tricks of the game are wondering the players.Its possible to advance in this game with simple tricks.This kind of low graphical games are a hit and add everyday other new games to the gaming world.


How to play Skin and trick methods

The game is created by the producers of the and accomplished to draw an interest in the mobile world since the first day of its also succeeded to enter the list of the most downloaded games after it was published like the other successfull game.The game is downloaded with the ‘download ‘searching on the IOS and Android platforms.The gamers started to play the game on the computers with the ‘play ‘ links after some problems appeared on the mobile phones.The game is very similar to the old snake game.The purpose is to grow the snake in the game to become one of the best players.The general position can be followed from the LeaderBoard section.The game was published on 26th of March 2016 and became in the USA and Turkey in the top list of the most downloaded games.


It is possible to make some tricks while playing the game.If you have the feeling that the snake moves too slow you can hold on the left button of the mause to speed up your character.Try to circle a line around your enemies.If the player shares the game results on the social media accounts the player earns a skin.The game offers to its players special skins.The best way to enjoy the game is to play it without tricks.


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