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Since it was released on the date of 25.March.2016, Slither.IO is the phenomenon game in Turkey and in the world. The reason why so much loved by the users of Slither.IO is that, it is actually a very simple game. The aim of the game grow your snake to feed yourself without someone else bait others as they grow up can be defined as. The best part of the game is the ability to change the color of your snake skin with Skins. Because the resulting images, it’s really amazing with these skin changes, and this skin looks like the images will always be defeated. skins guide skins guide

Share your results via Facebook or Twitter if you need to do. You reach the length you are playing the game as a result of social media if you share, Slither.IO Skins gives “Skin Slither” snakeskin offers special alternatives for you. This skin alternates between the United States and countries such as Turkey, the flags stand out. skins skins

Young or adult, that everyone can play easily in this game. The game screen opens, the screen of the lower-left corner of the snake in the picture looks. If you clicks on the image, the snake brings up the options. By pressing the arrows to select the options that you want, you can see a picture of the snake. You choose snake and making your color choice in the box after you start the game and enter a nickname.

A round box in the lower right corner of the screen similar to radar. Inside with a white dot in the map shows the location of the snake. The other little dots on the map are pointing to the crowd or quiet places. Using this map, you can get away from the opposing snake. When you first start you will take your place in the game as a little snake. By eating these foods you will begin to grow on the map. Other competing around here don’t touch the snakes or you’ll die.

Enjoy your game with Skins

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