slither io strategy guide image
slither io strategy guide image

Slither io Strategy

What are the slither io strategy that can help you to win the game

Slither io is one of the best games that has very newly released just some time back and it resembles the rules of agar io.Make other snakes collide with your body and see them blow into pieces while you, become larger and larger after eating their remains. Try out new slither io strategy that would help you to excel in the game.

Use your speed boost strategy

You need to outwit your competitors in order to grow in size and be the winner in the game. You can speed up by double tapping on the screen and holding the mouse for some time. Your speed will increase considerably and you would be moving at a faster pace. As long as you continue holding your speed boost, you will be losing the length at the tail end and a trail of small particles would remain. Though you may eventually lose about 5per second, it is worth using this slither io strategy, to kill your opponents

slither io strategy

slither io strategy simple image
slither io strategy simple image

Avoid colliding with others

Always try to avoid bumping into other as bumping into others would make you lose your life. This is one of the wisest slither io strategies you can think of. You will see that staying away from others will make you grow easily and rapidly. Drift off to the out lands where you would be safe for a longer period of time.

Watch yourself when you grow larger

It is very important to watch yourself when you grow larger in size because the bigger you get, the more amount of targets would be behind you. Always be on the guard for other players and you can easily save yourself while you eat others. Always be informed that you wouldn’t be able to crash into your own body and thus you would not be able to trap yourself. This is another slither io strategy that you must follow.

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