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Some Guide Tips for Slither io:
I have no idea what happens when you run head to head into a snake. Once I died, once they died. If you touch any part of another snake except (maybe) their head with your head, you’re going to die.

Boost early and often.

It’s real easy to kill very large snakes as a small (~100-500 size) snake. They can’t turn like you can, but you need a reasonably long tail for them to run into.

If you’re a large snake, move in big circles or S shapes. Crossing over yourself is your best defense. You want to always be near enough to your tail to retreat to it.

Scavenging is much easier than killing.

Dead snakes are the most dangerous place to be. Everyone is scrambling for them. Better to get what you can without taking any real risks unless you’re real small. Half of those charging to pick up the pieces die anyway, leaving more for you.

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