and its trends in today’s generation! and its trends in today’s generation! is one of the most fantastic and common games you would love to play online. Ever since the game was launched, people in the United States have gone berserk. It has changed the way of gaming and have made people very smart. Keep reading to know more about it. how did it come into existence? happens to be this huge browser that is taking over the world now. Developed by the talented Steve Howse, this game is all about having fun. Ever since it was released in March 30th 2016, the game has definitely been setting a high benchmark. The whole idea is to be able to grow a long snake in the server. A perfect strategy game, Slitherio is one that connects to the masses

What is it similar to? is actually quite similar to a concept which was started back in 2015. If you are into gaming, you will know what we are talking about. Yes! It is The game became very popular after it was promoted by YouTube hosts as well as users like Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye and Markpiler. The mobile version has also tapped the App store after it was released.

How has the game progressed so far?

The game has reached the top of all App Store sales. It has broken records of the free software category such as the United States as well as  few countries in Europe. It is better than most snake games nowadays and is going to develop more and more over time. is thoroughly entertaining and a fun game for everyone. If you want to enjoy yourself, choose Slitherio today itself. There is no way you are going to regret playing it at all. So go ahead and download.

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