Updated Mod v1.9 Updated Mod v1.9

Are you looking for a mod ? Yes, because if we are on the correct page here Slitherio Hacks Indi is a unique and high quality Slitherio en search engines provide. This slide to help IO size has many new features new and updated version of the bot.

Slither io Updated Mod features:


  • Zoom in and out with your mouse scroll wheel
  • Tells you your current position
  • You get an FPS counter to track your FPS
  • Your current Server IP (helps you to find your friends server so you can play with him
  • Gives you a way to connect to an IP so you can join your friends server
  • Plain background to reduce lag for low-end computers
  • Reduced lag also for low-end computers
  • Graphic mode selection to reduce lag

These are all the updated features for now, but we will have more features coming soon – hope you enjoy ! Mod Download

Tutorial on how to install


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