Video Tutorial SGP

slither. io tutorial sgp slither io guide video and image

Get the HD video and clear audio instruction of tutorial You can see the growth of the snake, the timing of changing direction, eating particles and trapping from the tutorial. The audio will run at the background to describe the instructions clearly. It is a better alternative of written tutorials. If you want to learn playing early, then AV format …

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slither io 1 million mark

Making the 1 million mark in the easiest way Players who have played slither io would definitely agree with the fact that making that 1 million mark is not as easy as it seems like. You need to be really cautious and really attentive so that you do not go and explode into other snakes and kill yourself. At the …

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Best players in

best players in

How can you watch the best players in The different strategies of the players draw attention. Details of our news… The little snake can beat the big snake Starting with the smallest snake, you can come to good places with logical play. We will show you the types of playing from the smallest snakes to the big snakes on …

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