slitherio game play guide
slitherio game play guide

Slitherio of Game Play

The game play of Slitherio

The gameplay of slitherio is always fun and exciting. If you want to learn how to defeat snakes or how to go about the game, the post here will surely help. In today’s article, you will learn about Slithero and its gameplay. Keep reading to find out what’s trending nowadays in the gaming world.

What is the purpose of the game

The purpose of the game Slithero is to move and control a snake like avatar around a certain space where it can eat dots and defeat the other players so that they can grow and become the biggest and best avatar within the instance of the game. In case the head if the snake collides with the head of the other snake, the player will lose the game and will have to begin all over again.


What does the defeated snake do? skins mod install script skins mod install script

The defeated avatars body will become bright and shining dots will become more visible so that players can go on. Alongside there will be other shining dots so that they can spawn from the other avatars of snakes in Slitherio.

What are the drawbacks?

The only drawback here is that the avatar may lose a little mass when the speed is being boosted. There will be a border where you can confine some of the avatars in some space. Should the snake hit towards the border area, even if does it will die and there will be no glowing dots as such. A good strategy is one where the enemies are consumed and defeated in such a way that they are trapped and coiled and lead to death by one of the opponents. Available on Apple as well as Android, it is the best in today’s generation and one game you just have to try. You will be addicted to slitherio for sure.

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