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Experience the thrill of game today

Have you experienced the fun and thrill of game yet? If your answer is a no, you must download it today and start playing. It is a fun game. You won’t get bored.

Sliterio game is the most amazing and wonderful game in the online gaming world today.  In the game players control a snake, or a worm like avatar. It is one of the most popular multiplayer online games for young children and adults as well.

 The game became popular in a short interval of time game was released on March 25, 2016 and in the very short span of a time it became a huge  and a popular name among players in the whole globe. Every player wants to make the biggest snake of all time and hit the leader board. Basically each and every player playing the game wants to ensure that he/she is the winner.

You begin as a tiny snake

At the beginning of the game, the players find the snake in a very small and cute size. With the consumption of the multi-colored pellets of other players, you will grow. The multi-colored pellets will show automatically on the screen of the game. The game is mainly about snake and how it eats other players’ pellets and turn into a long and huge snake.

Compete with other real time opponents online

It is a multiplayer game after all. So, you can play against other players online and make the biggest snake record. The most important fact about the game which every player should remember while playing the game is that if your snake head touches another player snake, your snake will explode and the game will end, but if others snake run into you then their snakes will explode and you can eat their remains.

Download the game today and start playing is an awesome game  with the combination of different colors of the snake. It is very easy and simple to control, just you have to control mouse and press the space bar to play the game smoothly and easily. If still you haven’t experienced unblocked game, then download it now and have a most great and fun time.


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