slitherio party details guide post
slitherio party details guide post

Slitherio Party

Slitherio skins, mods and extensions you should know for a good slitherio party at home.

In order to have a good slitherio party at home, you must first and foremost have a good idea about the skins, extensions and mods. Believe it or not, you can learn a lot about them and play much better games. Read the post to find out more. skins

In order to have the best slitherio party at home, you must get hold of a good set of skins. For that you will have to log on from your desktop to get hold of best version of the game itself. Then towards the lower right corner on the screen, you will have options to share on social media. Once you have shared it, make sure to go back on Slitherio and towards the lower left corner so that you can get a good option to change skin. You may click on it and select the one you would like to use.

Other skins and mods

If you want more slitherio skins and mods, you have to visit the Reddit thread for the information as well as about installing the mods. All of that will let you connect with more friends, see all coordinates as well as change backgrounds. You can add some more skins to the snakes as well. That will help you play slitherio in any easy way and play the best slitherio party with friends at home.

slitherio party

slitherio party simple image
slitherio party simple image

How to have the best party?

Finally to have the best slitherio party at home, you must invite your closest friends and play slitherio on your PC. You can take turns to see who can get hold of the biggest snakes of all. That will definitely be an exciting game to play. Don’t you think?


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