Splix.io Game All About The Game
Splix.io Game All About The Game

Splix.io Game Play

Splix.io game explore the worldof carefree and classic games at io games; here you will get a whole load of different types of online games. Play with your friends or play it alone, you will enjoy every bit of it I am sure. Let’s discussSplix.io, a game that requires more brain and luck with an equal amount of enjoyment.

What is Splix.io?

Splix.io game is a part of the iogames world, where one has to conquer more and more lands possible to be the highest scorer or the biggest owner of lands. Splix.io play, among all the other io games, requires much more brain and patience.  Splix.io game and all io games have gained unequal amount of popularity since it’s inception. The io games list gives Splix.io a good ranking due to its popularity.

How to play it

Well, it’s a multiplayer online game where you need to move your player around using the WASD keys on your keypad; you can even play it with the arrows keys.  Until you are in your block or area, you are under safe eyes, but once it becomes the other way round, i.e. you leave your area, you are bound to leave a mark behind and if by chance or purposely if anyone hits that point including you, YOU WILL DIE.

After that when you get back to your block or area, the blocks which you encircled will be yours. But, but, as I had mentioned earlier, you have to be wise, so keep an eye cause anyone can steal your block at any moment. Please remember that, if you surround a majority or a group of blocks while there is another player inside, you won’t actually get it or neither it will be filled up with your block.

Features of the game-

  • If you want to play it with your friends you can choose it before clicking the play button. You can also choose the server you want to join, same or different from your friend
  • You have to type the #, i.e. hash character after the URL- splix.io (splix.io/#animal) and hit the join button. Share the bracketed URL with your friends, thus ensuring they will join the same server too

Splix.io Game

Splix.io Game All About The Game

Splix.io Game and Unblocked; No lag, unblocked play, chrome addons and mod play splix.io games

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