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Steam 6 popular games

Fans saved 6 games in a heroic manner.

Many popular video games exist or are enjoyable solely because of the efforts of dedicated gaming communities. We show you which games the producers or publishers have long since given up on, and fans have been able to conjure up even better versions in this collection of photographs.


Developers are becoming increasingly unable or unwilling to carry out the wishes of fans who express themselves verbally. It’s getting increasingly difficult for players to enter the market entirely finished – and even more rare to focus on establishing a tight-knit community.

1) Fan-favorite games: Enderal

What happened to The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion?!
Fans have been waiting ten years for The Elder Scrolls 6, and while the community hasn’t been able to produce the sixth instalment on their own, here it is: Enderal: A 100-hour open-world game created by Skyrim fans and modders using the Skyrim engine, which some players consider to be superior than the game itself. From personal experience, Enderal is exactly what Skyrim fans have been longing for over the last ten years. It’ll satisfy your hunger for the next instalment, and if you enjoy TES, you’ll be engulfed by this completely distinct universe and storey.

2) Fan-favorite games: Black Mesa

When will the Half-Life Remake be released?

not Half-Life 3, when will there be at least a remake of Half-Life? Fans and modders did not rely on the developer in this case, instead creating their own remastered: Half-Life 1 is reimagined in Black Mesa, which improves on the original and ushers the game into the next generation. The restored version is so outstanding that it has its own Steam game and has received high praise from major gaming publications. Impressive!

3) Fan-saving games: Skywind

When will the Morrowind remake be released?
Bethesda isn’t bothering with TES6 or a remake of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, the most popular game in the series. But that’s not a problem because Skyrim fans and modders have become so accustomed to the engine that they now wield the sceptre: Skywind, for example, is a massive effort in which the community is using the TES5 engine to bring Morrowind back to life. The remake already looks fantastic and, like Enderal, should be released as a standalone title. Skyblivion, by the way, is already in the works. Of course, it’s from the supporters.

4)Fan-saving games: Far Cry

It’s still going strong!
The initial half of Far Cry is still alive, in case you didn’t know. While the game’s developer, Ubisoft, has ended all support after 17 years, the welded shooter community continues to play on a single, massive multiplayer server. Do you enjoy reminiscing about the good old days? then

5) Fan-favorite games: Silent Hill

Silent Hill 2 can also be played without a PlayStation 2.You can also play Silent Hill 2 without having to play with anyone else.

Silent Hill 2 is still considered by many to be the best horror game ever developed. With exactly 20 years under its belt, it shouldn’t be too difficult to play – though the developer has released an official remaster. However, there are several issues and changes that rob new players, in especially, of the original’s brilliance.

To summarise, if you want the entire experience, you need play the original Silent Hill 2 on the PlayStation 2. Only the remastered version is available on PC, which is why the community banded together to use mods to repair the PC version’s flaws. The most crucial thing is that you can do it with the help of the mods.
Silent Hill 2 Remastered for PC is required, however it is easier to obtain than the PS2 original. Thank you for your support, community!


6) Fan-saving games: Ultima Online

The game is still going strong after 24 years old.
All players on a server in Ultima Online are placed in a massive environment where they can not only have adventures, but also practise a variety of professions, establish their own homes, and so on. The game options allow each server to create its own community in which you can become the best blacksmith in the world if you so desire. Your forged weapons are then branded with your name and sold to other players.


Hideo Kojima’s horror game demo Silent Hills (P.T. for short) turned out to be one of the best shockers of all time, despite its briefness. However, playing it is not easy: shortly after its release, Konami and developer Kojima parted ways, and the PS4 exclusive title was deleted from the PlayStation Network.

P.T. remakes were preserved by fans.

What is the best way to play the P.T. demo?

P.T.’s storey has come to a conclusion. But that’s not all: a slew of PT remakes have been launched on the PC by die-hard fans, modders, and indie developers. We could write a separate essay about them today because there are so many.

Ultima Online is little known now, although it is one of the role-playing icons of the past, along with the entire Ultima series. The online portion of the game was so popular that it is still being played on private servers today. What distinguishes Ultima Online from other games? Aside from the aesthetics, no game since Ultima Online has come close to its intricacy. With the exception of EVE Online.

All participants on a server in Ultima Online are immersed in a massive world: Not only can you have fun, but you can also learn new skills.