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Slither.io Is The Throne Of Agar.Io

The Slither.io will shake the the throne of the popular Agar.io game which addicts and is continued to be played.There are similarities between this two games but also some important differences by comparison.The size in the Slither.io game doesnt have any importance while in Agar.io ,the gamers could everytime swallow the smaller character. It doesnt matter in what lenght you …

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The Snake Game Came Together For Slither.Io

The Agar.io game has gained a big success in a short period and there are lots of fake ones of the game while different producers continue to come out with different games.The Slither.io game is a new game that is appearing with the logic of the agario and famous snake game combination. By creating a nickname in the Slither.io address …

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What is Slither.io? How is it played?

slither.io bot mod autoplay

The producer of the Agar.io game Thorntree Studios came up with a new game infront of the gamers with Slither.io who want to conquer the world with a new little ball.The game became the most downloaded application in the USA both in general and game categories which was published on 25 th of March.So how is the game played with …

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A new game Slither.io

Thorntree Studios ,the producer of the Agar.io game that addicted the gamers who wanted to conquer the world with a little bubble presents its new game Slither.io.The game has been published on 25 th of March 2016 and became in the USA the most installed application both in general and game categories.The game succeeded to be the 3rd most downloaded …

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