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Controls of the slither io game play

What are the controls of the slither io game play?   Are you an online game addict who would like to play slithering io in the best possible way? The slitherio game play controls are one of the easiest controls that even a layman can play with. The snake of slither io can be controlled with the mouse buttons as …

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Slither.io Game Friends Mods

Hello slither.io game players! I present to you, my self-made slither.io game friends mods userscript for Slither.io The installation is quite simple, although it has one caveat. Here we go: Installation: Step 1: Install my userscript, for Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey (depending on your browser). Step 2: Block the original slither.io javascript, to prevent having the game run twice, one instance of …

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