Tankwars.io Game play an exciting io game today
Tankwars.io Game play an exciting io game today

Tankwars.io Game

Tankwars.io game do you look for a place online where you can play games and remember your childhood?? Well, then explore the world of carefree and classic games at io games; here you will get a whole load of different types of online games. Play with your friends or play it alone, you will enjoy every bit of it I am sure. Grab your phone or use your laptop, go to io games and play the game you want to. Choose from a variety of options like Naruto, curve fever, agar.io, slither.io, timax.io, etc.

One of them is Tankwars.io game, which has its own unique way of keeping you hooked.


Tankwars.io game is a part of the iogames world, where you are a tank and your work is defeat your enemies tank with themind, skilled movement and use of strategic powers. Your mission is to kill as many opponents, fight using different types of weapon and skills like- Mines, haste, vacuum, air raid, etc. Tankwars.io games is really similar to those tank war games you had earlier played, jut have to use more intelligent skills and manipulative powers to destroy your opponents. Be the best and beat all your enemies, rank the best. So, just go and create an account to enjoy this game.

Check out the controls carefully before playing, use different mods and enjoy it with your friends. Read the control guide carefully, uses the navigation arrows as per written and never waste your powers.

Tankwars.io ranks pretty well among all io games and has gained a massive popularity worldwide. The io games list gives tankwars.io play a good ranking too.

Basic Controls and guide

  • Use ENTER to chat
  • Use “Z” to chat quickly
  • TAB to toggle scoreboard
  • Use “UP” arrow or W to move forward
  • Use “Down” arrow or S to move down
  • Use “Left” arrow or A to move left
  • Use “Right” arrow or D to move right
  • For ability, slots use the 1-6 number keypads


  • The tanks look like 3D
  • There are different types of mods- Deathmatch, Tea, Deathmatch, Battle Royal under casual mods
  • Under Competitive mods- Capture the flag, team deathmatch, push modes
  • Volume control option according to your criteria

Tankwars.io Game

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