the first season of the best series now free on

The first season of the best series now free on Apple


Netflix is ​​very expensive, nothing is given to you. Apple is completely different, they are currently giving you the first season of the best series of 2021 for free – no subscription required.








The best series of the last year? For Rolling Stone, it’s For All Mankind – it works on Apple TV+ and it usually costs money. The pleasure must be worth almost 5 euros per month. Apple is currently waiving the money. At least you can watch the entire first season on Apple TV+ for free, no subscription required (“Seeing for All Mankind” on Apple TV+). Just select and view – done. But why is Apple doing this, why is the iPhone maker so generous?

Hey Netflix look, Apple offers its premium content

The reason: Advertisement for Season 3 of the popular series. It’s only just begun, the first episode has been available since June 10. The third and second season are of course not free. If you want to see them, you have to take out a subscription. Apple therefore creates demand and nurtures potential customers. They want to know how the story continues. Speaking of which, what is the show about?

For All Mankind Season 1 Trailer:

For All Mankind – Official First Look Trailer (Apple TV+)

For All Mankind is perfect for space lovers as well as alternate history fans. The starting situation: We are in 1969. The Americans are not the first to set foot on the Moon, it is the Russians who have preceded Neil Armstrong. From then on, the story we know develops in a surprisingly different way. Very exciting, worth seeing and always with a reference to history as we know it.

But you don’t have to wait too long to watch the first season of the series for free. According to Apple we these free for a limited time only be. Apple does not reveal how long you can take your time for this (source: Twitter channel “For all mankind”). Ergo: When in doubt, start binge-watching today, you never know.

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