this is how scammers scam you now

This is how scammers scam you now

Scam at Vinted: scammers cheat the shopping app

Vinted is a popular shopping app where you can buy and sell used items. From clothes to electronics, you can find plenty of used items and a bargain or two. But scammers target the app and its users. With a nasty scam, they deprive many customers of their money.


To the popular shopping app for used items Vinted seems to accumulate fraud cases. The forum posts in which affected users report their negative experiences testify to this. According to this, scammers use a trick to undermine the protection of the seller and collect money without ever sending the offered goods.

Normally, this is how it works: You order an item, pay for example via PayPal and activates buyer protection for an additional fee. Vinted then holds the money until the seller has sent shipping confirmation for the selected item and delivery is confirmed. Buyers can file a complaint within 2 days of an item showing in the system as delivered if there is something wrong with it.

According to complaints from victims of fraud However, scammers can misdate the shipment and delivery. Items are considered delivered in the system – days or weeks before they are ordered (source: Vinted-Forum). Fraudsters are fucking Vinted, but customers bear the damage.

Because they can because of the wrong date no longer responds within 2 days. It is particularly treacherous that buyers’ money is taken out of their pockets via an additional security feature. Because they don’t get their money back without delay – and they usually don’t receive the goods they bought.

Here are some tips to save money when shopping online:

Vinted support is rarely of any help

If you paid via PayPal, you can still use it to get your money back. According to the users concerned, it could be a lower rating at Vinted or even a blocking of the account lead to. According to Focus, Vinted has so far left fraud victims alone with the problem, at most giving automated responses to user complaints. In some cases, however, this would have led to a refund when fraud victims contact Vinted.