untrackme (fdroid version)

UntrackMe (fdroid version)


UntrackMe once set by default to open Twitter and YouTube links will transform them into Nitter and Invidious links and delegate the action to another app.

It also supports Google Maps links to transform them into OpenStreetMap links or Geo URI.

The app will detect shortened URLs and will display the full URL before visiting the site.

When sharing a Twitter, YouTube or Google Maps link just pick up UntrackMe to transform it before sharing it with another app.

What is Nitter:

A free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy.
Github project: github.com/zedeus/nitter

What is Invidious:

A free and open source alternative front-end to YouTube
Github project: github.com/omarroth/invidious

– Handle all URLs
– Manage default app to open inside the app

– Fix jumps in activity listing apps
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