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Updates regarding play you should know play in the past has made several updates. But a few problems are still being faced by the company. Find out from today’s post what problems are left to resolve with Slitherio. You will definitely find a lot of help from the post.

Updates made by play

Ever since the last updates made by, they have been working hard and quite diligently in order to improve the play options as well as the performance. That becomes possible by simply adding more and more servers. Now that you have been deployed by so many servers, they are also able to address other issues as well as build new features.

What is the main issue for play now?

The main issue for play now is to tackle the latency of the internet. Lag is something that can only happen when there is a problem with the infrastructure of the server. You have to have enough servers in order to meet the global demands. When you work directly with a few users, you will be able to identify the routing issues all over Europe and Australia. In such areas between the internet provider and the data center, the connect is lost.

Which computers are facing a delay?

Due to the servers which are assigned by the IPV4 address, computers will be experience some delay in the computers and there are chances it could even go through the 6 to 4 relay. It could affect the play along with several computers located in the region of South East Asia, We have to be aware of the issue and what we are hoping to resolve at the point. Apart from that, it is good to go. Continue to follow us and instantly be informed about news, good fun games. play

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