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slither io game

How to use the coil trap in slither io game?

How to use the coil trap in slither io game?

Want to know how to use a coil trap in a slither io game? Thinking of ways in which you can do it right. Find out in today’s article. Here you will learn about coil traps in the slither game and how you can maximize your time effectively to get it right. Keep reading to find out!

What you should remember?

So if you have been playing for a bit, you will begin to see snakes that get surrounded by much bigger snakes in the future. The common idea here is that you are much smaller than other snakes that are near you, you should never bunch yourself as to make it easy to be surrounded in the slither io game.

Coil Trap In The Slither Game

However what you must know in situations like that is an advanced move could real help you in coiling yourself up in the slither game the minute you spot a much bigger snake that is being surrounded by another victim that is helpless. The goal here is to get the worms attention in a much bigger way. Once you can do and tell that they are coming your way, you will find a way to boost your way and cut them easily in the slither io game. The move is mostly about timing and anticipation but if you are able to get it right, the rewards will definitely be reaped in the long run.


Coil traps are actually quite common in a slither io game but if you know how to tackle that, then nothing like it. If you want to learn how to handle snakes, you can check out a few other posts updated by us. You will definitely find some help. The slither game is incomplete without the coil traps.

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