vodafone outage there are problems here today

Vodafone outage – there are problems here today

Vodafone Malfunction

Due to conversion work and technical issues, Vodafone is still experiencing disruption today. GIGA keeps an eye out for issues and explains why a current ‘Vodafone down’ may affect you and which services are disrupted.


Vodafone offers various services and whether or not there is interference depends on various factors. Maintenance work or damage to lines can lead to interference with mobile, landline or TV reception at Vodafone. You can find out what awaits you here.

Current Vodafone malfunctions and outages

Regardless of unforeseen problems, interruptions are announced due to maintenance work. Here are the current issues and issues that can also be expected in the coming days:

Date places services reason / status
10.6. Saarland GigaTV & Radio Cable Services Outage unknown / Fixed
9.6. That & surroundings Internet and phone outage Modems do not get an IPv6 address / Fixed
9.6. Duisburg & surroundings Internet, telephone and television failure
line damage / Fixed
8.6. at national scale Restrictions on mobile telephony with 4G (VoLTE) unknown / Fixed
31.5. Parts of Nuremberg and surroundings Cable: Internet and telephone unknown / Fixed

These are known Vodafone disruptions that we are already working on. Maintenance work may take longer than expected. So if such work was reported for today, it may still exist tomorrow. For this reason, you can still see last week’s reports here.

Problems with the Internet? You can find out what you can do to get to the bottom of things in the video:

Where can you find out more about Vodafone issues?

Generally, though, there’s not much you can do but wait and try again and again to see if it finally works. So: don’t get carried away! Take a deep breath and… keep on living.

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