The World Rank Of The New Game Slither.Io

The World Rank Of The New Game Slither.Io

The new game is the 5010th most visited webside on the world which is created by the producers of and can be played on the web.

Since the has been created,there happened many updates like advancing levels or opening the game through facebook.The game is actually one of the few games that can be played on the web without getting bored.The purpose of the game is to eat the circled shapes to grow your own circle.

Players can eat the smaller opponents.If you move to the star shaped places ,then you can get exploded if you have a big circle.It is a very enjoyable game that can be played without any installation.The game is also available on the websites.

After this updates,the producers of have decided to create the new game purpose of the game is very similar to the game but this time can the small players beat the bigger ones too.This means the new player who enters his nickname can win the game against the number 1 in the game.

slither-free-game became one of the most played games in the USA since it has been opened.A lot of Turkish youtubers recorded the video of the game.

We recommend to play the game or at least to have a look because its really a nice game.The developments of the game give the right to it that it is worth to play it.

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