you will lose with ice

You will not ose with ICE


The 9 euro note has started. It is incomparably cheap to travel across Germany on local and regional transport. But the monthly subscription is not only ahead in terms of price. If you drive with IC or ICE, you can only dream of something standard in RE.

ICE and Co. has no chance: DB regional trains are much more punctual

Those who regularly rely on DB trains can usually do so sing a song of delays and cancellations. In long-distance transport, a new low is currently reached. Never in 7 years have so many ICE, IC and EC left late than in April 2022. A sign of insufficiency which comes at the wrong time, especially with the start of the ticket at 9 euros. Because delays can accumulate and affect other trains as well.

Fortunately for the millions of 9-euro ticket buyers looks much better in regional trafficas Statista shows using DB’s own data:

With regional trains, you have a much better chance of arriving at your destination on time. (Image source: Statista)

Although regional trains are slower than, for example, ICE, many more trains arrive and depart on time than on long-distance fast connections. While the proportion of punctual long-distance trains has fallen to less than 70% since the start of the year, on the shortest route it has almost been fantastic values ​​of over 95% punctuality being reserved.

What you absolutely must consider before traveling with the 9 euro ticket:

Delays roll over to Deutsche Bahn customers

However, a few factors spoil the joy of this success: punctuality in regional transport also fell from 95.5% in January to 93.9% in April 2022. A drop even by far as serious as in long-distance traffic, where at the same time a decrease of more than 10 percent can be observed. Yet he works trend in the wrong direction.

The likelihood of things getting better soon is slim. With the expected rush thanks to the 9 euro ticket, especially during the summer holidays, it will be more difficult for RE and Co. to keep to the timetables. It should work even better than long distance traffic. It’s supposed to get really bad from 2024, because then the entire German rail network will be overhauled (source: Statista).